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Double System New SII


The recognized TG Double System New by KF evolved to serve the most demanding clients. By using all of its tradition in wheat planting, KF developed SII (series 2), keeping all of the features that made KF a reference in wheat planting, and aggregating technologies to increase its efficiency and performance in the field even more.

Less soil compaction:
- New wheelset with standard high flotation tires for models of 27 and 29 rows.

Planting onto straw:
- More aggressive cutting angle.
- Good rows mismatch and straw flow.

Planting on moist soil:
- Gauge wheel tires developed to prevent mud accumulation.
- Better use of the planting window, starting before on wet days.

Planting on broad base terrace:
- Great pantograph stroke which keeps a constant pressure at all rows.

Planting on slope:
- Closer front and rear rows preventing the height on curves and slopes.

Less soil plowing:
- Performs the seeding and keeps the straw over the rows, enabling moisture to remain on the soil, higher emergence uniformity and preventing the erosion.

- Shielded ball bearings on the double disc.
- Reinforced chassis.

Reduced fuel consumption:
- Soil attack system requires lower tractor power.